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What MUITSO is made of:

The purpose of this organization is to stimulate student interest in the latest developments in the information technology field; to offer inspiration through contact with professionals on information technology subjects; to provide educational opportunities that are not offered by Marquette University; to familiarize students with the professional attractions of a career in information technology; to be a liaison to faculty and administration and students; and to promote the growth of the information technology profession through the increase of information technology majors at Marquette University.

ITSO Executive Board 2009-2010

Mary Catherine Smith
President of MUITSO
Major(s): IT and International Business
Minor: French
Graduation Date: May 2010
Email: marycatherine.smith@marquette.edu

John Knoll
Vice President of MUITSO
Major(s): IT & Marketing
Graduation Date: May 2010
Email: john.knoll@marquette.edu

Julia Smith
VP of Communications of MUITSO
Chief Editor of ITSO...Good
Major(s): IT & Entrepreneurship
Graduation Date: May 2010
Email: julia.smith@marquette.edu

Eric Wendorff
VP of Publications of MUITSO
Major(s): IT & OSCM
Graduation Date: May 2011
Email: eric.wendorff@marquette.edu

Allison Free
VP of Community Service of MUITSO
Major(s): IT
Graduation Date: May 2010
Email: allison.free@marquette.edu

John Kendzior
VP of Finance of MUITSO
Major(s): IT & Finance
Graduation Date: May 2010
Email: john.kendzior@marquette.edu

Chris Jeske
VP of Publicity of MUITSO
Major(s): IT & Marketing
Minor: Africana Studies
Graduation Date: May 2011
Email: chris.jeske@marquette.edu

ITSO Executive Board 2008-2009
ITSO Executive Board 2007-2008

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Dr. Terence Ow
Ph.D.,University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2000
Assistant Professor in Management (Information Technology)
Office: 212 Straz Hall
Email: terence.ow@marquette.edu
Phone: (414) 288-5104
Fax: (414) 288-5754
Website: http://marquette.edu/~owt

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Officer Responsibilites

- Oversight of all activities
- Schedule meetings/tours and reserve facilities
- Separate e-mail lists between meeting, internship, and full-time job announcements
- Communicate with advisor regarding all activities
- Responsible for professional activities
- Work with Career Services Center to get membership relevant information
- Organize elections
- Check mailbox at LEAD center on a regular basis

Executive Vice President / President Elect
- De facto member of all committees
- Work with membership/social to communicate to existing and potential members
- Help the president with organizing and planning meetings and events
- Analyze ways to improve our student organization
- Liaison to other student organizations

Chief Editor of Publications
- Create the layout and format of the monthly newsletter
- Coordinate creating and collection of monthly articles
- Write articles
- Edit the articles

- Assist the Chief Editor in publication needs
- Gather articles for company spotlight
- Write articles
- Edit articles

Vice President - Finance
- Manage funding
- Collect dues
- Responsible for fundraising activities
- Manage membership database and collects new member applications and dues

Vice President - Programs
- Help to coordinate all events
- Responsible for social activities
- Responsible for community service activities
- Coordinate food/beverages/setup for events
- Send thank-you letters to speakers, tours, companies, etc.

Vice President - Publicity
- Find innovative ways to increase membership
- Prepare fliers/talking to classes/chalking boards for meetings
- Place ads in College of Business electronic message board and Axis TV
- Utilize all facilities available to student organizations for publicity
- Organize easel posters for major events
- Arrange residence life posters for at least one major event every year
- Take photographs of activities for website

Vice President - Web Design
- Create website
- Vigorously maintain web site so that members may rely on it for information
- Create system for allowing members to post resumes online

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